Dr. Antoinette MMayers-Winfield, DC


Dr. Antoinette Mayers-Winfield is a Chiropractic Physician new to the Goldson Spine family. Dr. Toni, as she is known, has practiced 12 years in Chiropractic with experience in Family practice, Personal injury, Athletic injury, and Marketing.

Having lived in several states throughout her life time and previously has practiced and trained in Texas, Mississippi and North Carolina, Dr. Toni is a well rounded versitile practitioner who takes pride in what she does.

With experience first as a low back patient, her passion comes across to her patients. She truly believes in what Chiropractic does “because it first helped me.” I am excited to be apart of the Goldson Spine and Rehabilitation family. I look forward to serving, and being a blessing as well as being blessed by the community of South Florida!





📱 954-367-4888