Toni-Ann Leys,CEO


Toni-Ann Leys serves as the CEO of Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center. Born and raised in Kingston, St Andrew, Jamaica Toni-Ann has an international perspective on life. Her educational background includes proficiency in accounting, multiple modalities of treatment, all while being a Certified Chiropractic Physician Assistant.  Realizing her passions were just as diverse as her skill set, Toni-Ann has combined her education, passions, and professional experiences to serve in a variety of capacities including as an Office Manager, Chiropractic Physician Assistant, Chief Training Officer, and much more. Her experience in various departments and roles results in a holistic view and master-level understanding of all aspects of the Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center. As the CEO of Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center Toni-Ann develops high-quality business strategies and plans ensuring their alignment with short-term and long-term objectives, all while overseeing all operations and business activities.

Toni-Ann doesn’t just bring balance to our business but strives for it in her personal life too. Toni-Ann values spending quality time with her son and family. She believes in making moments and the importance of maintaining a loving relationship with God. Her focus on the Lord is best epitomized by her goal of becoming an ordained minister with her own congregation. Through this goal we can see her dedication to growth is not limited to professional excellence, but in every aspect of her life, as a child of God, mother, friend, daughter and much more. Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center experiences Toni-Ann’s pursuit of excellence in her analysis of problematic situations and occurrences, while providing solutions to ensure company survival and growth. For these reasons, Toni-Ann is celebrated as an exceptional leader and compassionate resource to our patients and staff alike.




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